We’re focused on these six capabilities.

  • Messaging

    Break through the noise with our proven subject lines, attention-grabbing copy, calls to action, and multi-touch email-based messaging.

  • Technology

    You don’t have to be a tech genius: our team manages the tools, platforms, and processes required to drive results using today’s best technology.

  • List Building / Data

    We develop ideal customer profiles, buy targeted lists, and know how to navigate the data landscape to build an effective contact strategy.

  • Campaign Management

    We run your campaign from start to finish. Our messaging, data, and preferred tech stack create major efficiencies and savings.

  • Lead Generation

    Managed Lead Generation clients enjoy a performance guarantee, a fixed price per lead, and an equation that shows the path to positive ROI.

  • Reporting

    Our custom dashboard allows clients to track outcomes in real-time. We report on lead activity every Monday and can integrate easily with your preferred CRM.

And we offer two types of engagements.

Managed Lead Generation

Recommended for teams who want to focus more on closing and less on prospecting. This is our comprehensive offering: from messaging to data, we guarantee leads and seek to fill your pipeline.

i want actionable leads

Sales Messaging for Salesloft

Recommended for teams who are looking to focus or standardize their messaging. This offering is best for those with established processes. If you want a battle-tested messaging plan, let’s talk.

i want effective messaging

Partnered with JBarrows

Playground Partners is the brainchild of childhood friends Chris Merrill and John Barrows. Chris and John began their professional careers at the Boston-based MSP Thrive Networks. In the years since Thrive’s 2006 acquisition, Chris has founded a series of service companies while John established himself as a leading voice in sales training for tech and SaaS companies.

Playground exists today to empower sales teams. John and Chris combine their team’s experience and expertise to offer sales enablement products and services that unlock efficiency and drive velocity at growing companies.

Powered by Salesoft

We’re a proud member of the SalesLoft Partner Program, aligning our skills and experience with SalesLoft’s industry-leading technology to fill the sales pipelines of teams choosing our Managed Lead Generation or Sales Messaging plan.

This is our team.

John Barrows

Managing Partner

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Chris Merrill

Managing Partner

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Lily Linquata

Director - Service & Operations

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Philipp Walzer

Director of Product

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Kevin Johnson

Sales Operations

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Suzanne Lewis

Creative Services

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Meghan Forgione

Director of Finance

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Chief Barking Officer

Ideas are worth nothing unless executed.
They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.